Welcome to the website of The Christian Community in Forest Row

The Christian Community is a Movement for Religious Renewal.
It is a non-dogmatic approach to Christianity.

For further information please contact:

Rev Michael Kientzler    Tel: 01342 826278
Rev Nicholas Wijnberg  Tel: 01342 323205
Rev Michaela Wijnberg  Tel: 01342 323201


News and April – July Events

21st April: Talk Death and Resurrection
22nd April – 27th May: Exhibition Iwona Sztyber
26th April: Talk Confirmation and the Art of Living
27th AprilService The Sacrament of Confirmation
2nd May: Talk The Incarnation – Finding Our True Self through Christ
17th May: Open Community Parenting Afternoon: What is the Spiritual Mission of the Child? Baptism and Incarnation of the Child
18th May: Concert Fundraising Concert
23rd – 24th May: Seminar  Embryology and Christology
31st May – 26th July: Exhibition Eta Ingham-Lawrie
8th June: Festivals for Children and Families Whitsun Festival
8th10th June: Study Whitsun Festival of the Word and Communal Study
21st June: Open Community Parenting Afternoon: Interpreting Children’s Drawings from a Waldorf Perspective
29th June: Festivals for Children and Families St John’s Festival
11th12th July: Study Reading in the Book of Nature

You may download our full Spring 2014 programme as a pdf  here