Welcome to the website of The Christian Community in Forest Row

The Christian Community is a Movement for Religious Renewal.
It is a non-dogmatic approach to Christianity.

For further information please contact:

Rev. Michael Kientzler    Tel: 01342 826278
Rev. Tom Ravetz   Tel: 01342 458 132 / 07749 662 717


News and Events

13th March – 28th March: Exhibition Josephine Spence
21st March: Meetings Annual Meeting of the Whole Congregation
27th March: Talk The Struggles of the Soul: Depression
29th March: Talk The Burning Heart
1st April: Talk A Contemplation on Black
2nd April: Talk The Earth’s Communion with Christ
7th April – 9th May: Exhibition Deborah Ravetz
9th April: Study Open Conversation on Art
11th April: Meetings Care Group Coordinators Meeting
14th April: Meetings Funeral Support Group
16th April - 19th April: Conference The Resurrection of the Body and Rescue of the Self
25th April: Talk “In your middle is one whom you do not know”
11th May: Talk The discovery of the Clouds and Cloud Observation
14th May: Talk Cloud Observation
14th May – 13th June: Exhibition Ursula Stone & Ludwig Fahrenkrog
16th May: Study Theological Study Group
16th May: House Morning – work in the church and garden
19th May: Meetings Funeral Support Group
21st May: Study Open Conversation on Art
26th May: Study Theological Study Group
30th May: Meetings Congregation and Coordinators Meeting
9th June: Study Theological Study Group
13th June: Talk The Sacrament of Marriage
14th June: Talk Islam and Christianity
16th June: Meetings Funeral Support Group
18th June: Study Open Conversation on Art
19th June – 18th July: Exhibition Margaret Shillan
23rd June: Study Theological Study Group
27th June: Meetings Care Group Coordinators Meeting
14th July: Meetings Funeral Support Group
16th July: Study Open Conversation on Art